Tax Preparation and Planning

The key to minimizing taxes and avoiding penalties is planning. Not your average everyday kind of planning, but planning with knowledge and foresight in mind. Knowing how the tax laws apply to you and your business is just the beginning; equally important is having a clear picture of your goals and objectives. This can open the door to new opportunities and creative strategies.

DeLeon & Stang professionals continually monitor federal and state regulatory environments for developments that will impact our clients. This is the knowledge part. The foresight part comes from having a detailed understanding of where you have been and where you want to go. We have that understanding. Why? Because we know our clients inside and out. We believe in continual preparation and frequent conversations all year long.

How We Can Help

At DeLeon & Stang, we specialize in the following tax planning, preparation and compliance services:

  • Year-round tax planning and implementation
  • Tax return preparation and compliance
  • Representation before federal and state taxing authorities
  • Business set-up and structure planning
  • Corporate restructuring planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions consulting
  • Executive compensation planning and analysis
  • Multiple and related entity relationships
  • Digital storage for your convenience
  • Audit protection

Current clients should follow our Instructions for Tax Engagement & Questionnaire to access their yearly tax information. 

Planning for year-end? Read our 2019 Year-End Tax Letter.