Pension Plan Audits

Build confidence in your pension plan. DeLeon & Stang is positioned to help your company meet its pension plan objectives. As you face increasingly complex regulations, administering 401(k) plans can be difficult. We actively monitor the laws that relate to retirement fund administration and keep you informed of their impact. Our goal is to help you build a foundation of success and stability for your pension plan by:

• designing, installing and administering a plan that fits your business and employees
• developing a contribution formula based on your specific budget and goals
• preparing and filing the required documents with the appropriate federal agencies
• educating your employees on the plan
• representing you before the IRS and DOL on pension audits

DeLeon & Stang’s Pension Team focuses on the following services:
• Plan Design and Implementation, including Plan Documents and Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD)
• Administration of Qualified Retirement Plans
• Compliance Testing
• Calculation of Cross-Tested Profit Sharing Contributions
• 401(k) Plans
• Age-Weighted Plans
• Self-Employed Plans (KEOGH)
• IRAs and SEPs
• Retirement Counseling and Distribution Planning
• Trust Accounting
• Pension Financial Audits
• Pension Investment
• Employee Benefit Planning
• IRS/Department of Labor Audits