Audit and Assurance

Remember the “trust” game? The one where you blindly fall backward and trust that your partner will catch you?

What if this game of trust applied to your financial information? Do you have the confidence to share your financial information based solely on internal reports?

Thousands of business professionals rely on financial reports to make decisions every day. But the quality of their decisions can be limited by inaccuracies in the information provided to them.

At DeLeon & Stang, we have the expertise needed to ensure that the information you are utilizing to inform your decision making is both credible and accurate. We provide the confidence you need when submitting financial reports for third-party review or for when you are simply looking for peace-of-mind in your business decisions. With us as your partner, feel free to blindly fall backward. Or sideward, forward or any other direction- we’ll never let you hit the ground.

How We Can Help

  1. Audit

With this level of service, you will receive assurance that financial statements are free of material misstatements.  In addition to financial statement audits, our experienced team can assist you with your defined contribution plan audits.

  1. Review

In the performance of a review, the DeLeon & Stang team conducts in-depth discussions with your management and provides an analysis of your financial results, with limited assurance.

  1. Compilation

For this level of service, our team compiles your financial statements into the proper format, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, without providing assurance on management’s information.

Whether you are in need of a compilation or a full audit, our team can be trusted to provide accurate and efficient service.