Common Interest Realty Associations (CIRA)

At DeLeon & Stang, our experienced, dedicated team is trained to provide the specific services required for community associations.  Our clients include associations under development and fully settled community associations, condominiums, PUDS and cooperatives.

Our firm is committed to understanding clients’ needs and operations in order to assist in setting realistic goals, developing effective strategies to achieve those goals and making day-to-day operational decisions to promote the profitability and success of the association.

We stay current with all legislation, both local and national, which could impact community associations. The benefit for our clients is our analysis of this legislation and its impact on the day-to-day operations and finances of the association. Our clients are prepared for the impact of new developments before laws or other guidelines are required. In this ever-changing environment, our proactive approach means business as usual for our clients. With in-depth knowledge of the unique issues facing community associations, our firm has the tools to help you hit the mark.

Ways We Can Help

In addition to providing traditional audit and financial reporting and tax services, DeLeon & Stang becomes involved in many facets of our clients’ financial and operational matters.  Our professionals provide clients with a wide range of value-added services including:

  • Audit, review and compilation engagements
  • Documentation of suggestions for improvements in financial systems
  • Preparation of federal, state and property tax returns, IRS representation and tax planning
  • Budget and cash-flow projections and reports
  • Assistance in establishing a study of replacement reserves and funding guidelines
  • Development of depreciation and reserve policies
  • Investment advice and valuation for certificates of deposit and debt securities
  • Evaluation and establishment of internal control systems
  • Assistance in the selection and implementation of computerized accounting system software and hardware

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our firm and the CIRA services we offer please contact:

Josephine Laleye,