DeLeon & Stang is Embracing the Future of Auditing


“Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.” – Stephen Covey

DeLeon & Stang is excited to be among a handful of firms across the country transforming the way audits are conducted. The Audit of the Future aims to increase effectiveness and efficiency through the use of technology and advanced analytics. Gone are the days of inefficient and backward looking audits. With this new approach, auditors will be able to provide businesses with forward-thinking and real-time solutions. 

Identifying risks and providing sophisticated data to stakeholders and other key players is an important component of auditing. Improved technology and information will position our auditors to take a more comprehensive approach, giving them a better understanding of the dynamics of each business we serve. Furthermore, having access to a wide-range of data for review will increase the confidence of each audit.

For more information on this new progressive approach to audits, contact one of our Audit of the Future team professionals by calling (301) 948-9825. 

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